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Café Von Hatten – Logo

Cafe von Hatten is Denmark’s oldest 100% voluntary-run association and it exists since its inception in 1981.

Von Hatten has been a unique cultural center in the Randersian music, cultural environment and craft beer. The small cherished café is known and famous not only in Randers.
The entire Danish music industry knows everything about the café, and if you know anything about music, you know Café Von Hatten. The great venue hosts live music events such as rock and jazz, stand-up comedy, and much more. The whole programme and calendar of upcoming events is regularly updated, and ticket information is also available on Facebook.

A professional venue maintained by not professionals!
Café von Hatten has always attracted young or older employees with tons of ideas and passion that had kept the café fresh and always on the go.
Truly the community of people that loves Von Hatten

Every employee handles various work areas among others:
bartending, booking, PR, finances, cleaning, considering their point of interest, and much more. The employees’ enthusiasm and love for Hatten created it to become a fantastic place with a great reputation. Where all artists are treated well, and the intimate concerts quickly become legendary.

The association runs up to 100 concerts in a year.

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40th years anniversary of Cafe von Hatten:

Café Von Hatten turned 40 in 2021 and was old enough to be in a museum!
The exhibition was made, that tells a little about how blistering a place it really is!

Our group of sponsors includes:

Musikforeningen Cafe Hatten CVR-nummer: 19910741